Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blue-Eyed Dough Boys

TCM has Movie News up on the Lady in the Lake DVD, by David Kalat. An interesting blurb yanked from the article:

Robert Montgomery had first come to Hollywood with the desire to be a screenwriter. "Yeah, I'm a top-billed movie star, but I really want is to write!" With his bland, somewhat doughy, good-looks and a vocal delivery that sounded like Cary Grant minus his distinctive accent, Montgomery racked up roles in over 50 films prior to 1945, settling happily into a rut as one of Hollywood's less-interesting performers. 1945, though, was when Fate struck a surprising blow: on the set of They Were Expendable, John Ford got sick. Montgomery filled in for him, secretly. He enjoyed the taste, and wanted more.

Can someone explain what the heck "doughy, good looks" means?

Related, Lileks.com has some fun comments on Audrey Totter's "in camera" glare.


stellypippin said...

So if I had poked his stomach, he'd go 'Woo hoo!'

The Audrey Totter link cracked me up!

Carrie said...

I always thought the PBDB said "hee hee" personally ;0)

Yeah, I laughted out loud at work on the Audrey one myself!

Anna said...

I saw the link for Lileks.com and thought it must just be a coincidence - but no! I'm from Minnesota and so grew up reading James Lileks religiously. He can be hilarious in his best moments. I didn't know he had that blog, too hilarious! He only gets better with the benefit of the images added to his text.

Carrie said...

JL's blog is always a hoot. He's always talking about old movies or music, with a slant, which is always entertaining!