Friday, November 17, 2023

Peace and Tranquility ...Yes, I Could Use Some

It's not even Thanksgiving and yet, I am already behind on Christmas plans.  I'm still recovering from my computer calamity ... at least, my Bob photographs have been saved!  Now, if I could just remember what day of the week it is ... I posted Tuesday's entry on Monday, and just now remembered I forgot completely about Thursday's!!  Aaarrggh!  I think I need a vacation.  How about you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving, and the blog will come back alive the first Tuesday after.  That's the 28th.  I do hope I remember.  

Now for an imaginary walk through woods resplendent in fall colors to find some peace and tranquility.  


Carrie said...

Hope the PC issue wasn't too bad! Happy Thanksgiving

Kathy said...

Yes, and Happy Bird Day to you!

PC issues have mostly been resolved. Rick used the cloud to transfer my photos to the new computer from the old one. I was much relieved. Mucho. My main loss was access to my movie and books libraries since they are internet based. So, I am now set up to switch back and forth between the computers. It was Rick's computer that died. Mine is just rather ancient.