Thursday, May 25, 2023

And then there's the memory thing ...

 At one time, I thought I had a great system of separating Bob stuff that I've used on the blog from the rest of my collection.  It worked great for several years.  But, there always are loopholes for every system.  And then there's the memory thing ... Anyway, I decided to use this postcard although I "sort of" remember having used it before.  Too nice to keep in my problem file any longer.  Bob is perfectly attired for tennis, but ... his right white shoe is scuffed!  Egads.

I know this portrait of Bob has been used on the blog several times.  I'm sharing my most recently obtained copy and the one, finally, that is in excellent condition.  Cute, isn't he.  

Reminder:  It is Memorial Day Weekend, so TCM must be showing They Were Expendable (1945), right?  Yup, tomorrow (May 26th) at 9:15 p.m. PT.  

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