Tuesday, June 07, 2022

A Young Mr. Marshall, Well Comparatively So

 My best guess for when this photo was made is 1932, the year Herbert Marshall first appeared in U.S. movies.  And that would make him 42 years old.  Looks a lot older in Riptide, made only two years later.  It was probably the adjustment to the Hollywood lifestyle ...

Ah, yes, Mr. Tyrone Power, 20th Century-Fox's version of the incredibly good-looking star.  I compare him to Robert Taylor.  Any female co-star just had to accept not being the most beautiful star on the set.  

            Joan Fontaine & Tyrone Power in This Above All (1944)

I like this studio publicity shot.  It almost makes it appear that Jimmy Stewart is a dancer!  I like Eleanor's dress.  Would love to see the photo in color.  

            Eleanor Powell & James Stewart in Born to Dance (1936)

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