Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Just a Small Summer Affair at Mayfair (Oops...well it is close to Pickfair!)

I just love photos like this, full of interesting people.  And why are they gathered for this photo?  Seemingly to honor the seated elderly gent, a Mr. Daniel Frohman.  It appears Frohman was one of the theatrical Frohman brothers who were immensely powerful in the theater world in the late 1800s to early 1900s.   Charles, who was the brother in charge, died in 1915 in the sinking of the Lusitania and his syndicate was broken by the Shubert brothers within a year.  Brother Daniel was not left destitute. The Frohmans had set up a new company in 1912, along with Adolph Zukor, they named Famous Players Co., which would later become Paramount.  Daniel became managing director and Mary Pickford starred in their first production.  Twenty-four years later, Pickford invites a few of her closer friends over to Pickfair to honor her former boss.  And they're all so happy to be there...

 Well, I don't think Errol Flynn (27) is enjoying himself.  Evidently, he wasn't told it was a formal event, probably the only gent in the mansion not wearing a tuxedo.  The little lady on the far left is newly wed Mrs. D. W. Griffith.  Only 26, her 61-year-old husband is probably recuperating at home.  Next to her is actress Irene Hervey (27) who is at this time married to singer Allan Jones (28), the gent behind her.  Mary Pickford (44) is to the right of Mr. Frohman, while Una Merkel (32) stands next to her.  Of course, the gent in the center wearing a white tux with boutonniere is our 32-year-old Mr. Montgomery.  Would you call his smile smug? 

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