Thursday, September 26, 2019

What?! Bob Loses the Girl?! Yikes.

1929 did not produce many great movies, not many good movies either.  Everybody was madly working out how to handle that new crazy development of sound.  Many movies featured musical numbers, although they were not musicals as we know them now.  The musical aspect was easier to understand than having people actually talk, that took a while to master.  So, you just needed a story line that will work with the occasional song being thrown in.  Hey, why not a college movie!

So This is College was one of those 1929 productions, featuring songs like the classic "I Don't Want Your Kisses". 

It starred young hopefuls Elliott Nugent and Robert Montgomery, and featured songster Cliff Edwards ... someone had to be able to sing!  Eddie (Nugent) and Biff (our so young Bob) are best pals, fellow football stars and leading gagsters at their fraternity.  Life is perfect for the two when ... shudder, shudder ... they find themselves in competition for the same girl. 

Yes, Babs (Sally Starr) is the new girl on campus and manages to win over both of the boys and breakup their friendship when she chooses Eddie over Biff (What?! Bob loses the girl? Eek.) 

Will Eddie and Biff get back together?  Will they reconcile long enough to play the big game and beat the hated rival?  For these answers, and more, check out the movie being shown on TCM tomorrow (Friday) at 7:00 p.m. PST

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