Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Maybe "Letty Lynton" will be next ... sure.

Made on Broadway (1933) will be released on June 11th!!  (Running late on my big announcements these days....)  It's included in the Robert Montgomery Collection, so you probably already have it.  But, if you're a slightly over-the-top collector of all things Bob as I am, you'll just have to have it because of the nifty cover artwork, if nothing else. 

At present, the movie is only available as a pre-order at wbshop.com.  Come June 11th, I am sure eBay will have plenty of copies available.

As a tease to get you to watch it, if you haven't already, there's a scene you just have to check out.  Eugene Pallette (as Bob's valet) helps Bob hurriedly disrobe down to his underwear, the fade out leaves no doubt the underwear will go as well.  I try to keep things a G rating on the blog, but ... well, er ... let's just say one of Bob's physical attributes comes in play.  Quite entertaining.

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