Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Old Bob's Signature More Legible than Mine!!

As it has been noted a time or two in the past, I rather enjoy collecting Bob autographed photos.  Tis a great combination of a good photo of Mr. Montgomery and knowledge that we both handled it that makes it extra special for me. 

           Bob and Rosalind Russell in Live, Love and Learn (1937)

This autographed photo is from the private collection of a Mr. Harry Wilkinson of Marblehead, MA.  Please look at the bottom stamp: "AFTER AUTOGRAPHING Kindly Return TO:" with the date 6-81 written by hand.  I'm assuming that is the date the photo was returned to Harry.  And the significance of that date ... Bob died in 9-81.  So he signed this only three months before his death.   Nifty.  Now, if I could only find something of his from his youth!

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