Thursday, February 07, 2019

Imperfection Found at the Montgomery Estate!

I have always enjoyed this portrait of Bob taken at his home in 1938 by Willinger.  Nice environmental portrait ... Bob in his library, admiring a boat sculpture, chewing on his pipe and wearing his "movie tie" - decorated with rows of film canisters. 

It is always nice to get a closer view of Bob's face ...  You can just make out those film canisters.

Zeroing in on the table, you can just make out the essential ash tray, part of what appears to be a bowl of cigarettes, a pipe stand, and the large wooden apple ... I think.  Wonder what he kept in it.  Do you think the small box on the left was for matches? 

And perhaps going one step too close ... water rings on the table top!!!  Imperfection at the Montgomery estate!  Egads. 

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