Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I Wonder Who Picked Up the Tab

 Love this photo.  It appears some small photo concern took the photo and decided to try for a few extra dollars selling it as a souvenir of Hollywood.  It is 10x13 inches and the parties are identified in the photo's background.  I somehow wonder if they made any money off it since such items would seem to be rather pricey for the average movie fan in 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression and all. 

It is a unique photo of Hollywood royalty.  Douglas Fairbanks was at the top for a very long time, and his son Jr. is well on his way to a successful career of his own.  And Mrs. Fairbanks Jr. (Joan, of course) is rather successful on her own.  Bob Montgomery is doing okay for himself and there's that new super hot property, the young Mr. Gable.  

For a closer look at the couples, first we have Bob and Betty.  Betty is seldom smiling in such photos.  Was she uncomfortable in the group, or in front of a camera? 

Bob and Betty were rather formal in public.  The main physical contact is Betty holding onto Bob's arm.  That's why it is a bit strange seeing Bob's hand on Jr.'s shoulder.  They were best buds at this time, a little "bromance" going on!

Joan and Doug Sr. were definitely not a couple. 

This is the couple that had much of the country wondering.  As in, "Are you kidding me?"  Ria was 17 years older than Clark and not the hot blonde you would expect to be at his side.  (Excuse my cattiness ... just a tad envious!)

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