Thursday, October 04, 2018

Bob's Final Scene ...on the Cutting Room Floor!

Just love heralds, the nice four-page ones.  Mini-pictorials of the movies, they made great souvenirs for the movie fan.  I have not run across a U.S. version of the herald for The Gallant Hours (1960), but the German one is nifty.  Der Admiral ... certainly fits the cover photo of Cagney as Admiral Halsey in his uniform with all the stripes and ribbons. 

On the back page, you will probably recognize the scene at top wherein the Juniors Cagney and Montgomery were cast as young marines who have a chat with Halsey.  And, frustratingly so, the lower left shot is not in the final cut.**  Our man Bob, appearing in his real uniform as a Captain in the USNR, is shown shaking hands with Halsey/Cagney.  What a great scene to have closed out his movie career!

**The movie uses a shot made from behind Bob so you just see the outline of his head and shoulder.  I'm guessing Mr. Montgomery decided it might have had a jarring effect on the rather dramatic scene.

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