Tuesday, September 04, 2018

My, God ... Is that who I think it is?

One of my favorite Bob items ... an autographed cocktail napkin from a private club in (of all places) Indianapolis, IN. 

Columbia Club, a private club originally for Republicans only.  It seems to be a rather nice place, 5-star restaurants and a lot of mahogany paneling.

Yeah, it looks like a place Bob would hang out at in Indianapolis.  I think one can assume Bob was on the road campaigning for a Republican candidate, perhaps Eisenhower.  He did a lot of that.  The bar has probably been updated, but I'll guess the paneling is much the same. 

 So, you get over the shock of seeing Robert Montgomery in Indianapolis and get up the nerve to interrupt his evening by asking for his autograph.  Good girl, I'm proud of you.  And you treasured it for so many years.  Now it's my turn.  Thank you. 


Carrie said...

That is cool, totally unique!

Kathy said...

I would have to believe that Bob signed a few cocktail napkins over the years, but the chance of them surviving all this time, not good. But glad it did!