Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Happy Birthday to the Wonderful Ms. Russell

Catherine Rosalind Russell was born June 4th, 1907.  I am glad Rosalind dropped her first name.  Roz is just perfect for her. 

I should have done this post last weekend, to give you a heads up re TCM's 8-movie salute to Roz on her birthday, which I thought for sure was next month.  Debbie very politely put me straight.  Anyway, her movies will be on demand on TCM until June 11th.  Do check them out.  I'm sure you can't pass up the chance to see Roz and Bob in Fast and Loose (1939)

Ms. Russell enjoyed challenges in her career and was highly successful in a variety of roles.  Whether it was as a heroine, portraying Amelia Earhart in Flight for Freedom (1943) ...

or romantic comedienne, with some of the tallest leading men in Hollywood!  Brian Aherne was 6' 3-1/2".  Here in Hired Wife (1940), Roz, who was at least 5'8", gets to look up adoringly into his eyes without having to stand in a ditch!  She made four movies with Brian, and five with 6' 1-ish" Bob.

Roz's comedic skills were so good she could stand on her own in a roomful of scene-stealers like Frank Jenks, Roscoe Karns, Gene Lockhart and Cliff Edwards in His Girl Friday (1940).  

And Roz would go all out, no matter the role, as in this musical number in The Girl Rush (1955).  (Dancers dressed as bottles of booze ... really?) 

Whatever, Ms. Russell, you were one of the greats.  Glad we at least still have you on film, still providing many hours of enjoyment.  Thank you, Roz. 

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