Thursday, May 10, 2018

Bob & Bob, Broadway and Bennett

From the March 28, 1931, issue of Picture Show Magazine:


90 years ago, May 10, 1928, marks the opening on Broadway of "The High Hatters", in which Bob appeared as Dick Halloway.  The show ran for all of 12 performances.


I used this nice photo of Clark Gable and Constance Bennett in a post back in 2015.  What I did not notice then and only recently discovered, was that I had a photo with Ms. Bennett's autograph on it!

This blowup might help ...

A nice surprise, for a change.  


Carrie said...

Treasure in your own home! Nice!

Kathy said...

Treasure, indeed! You need to check out the prices they're asking for Constance's autograph on eBay. Impressive.