Thursday, December 04, 2014

Totter ... Sexy Lady No Matter the Pose

Ran across this rather distinctive portrait of Audrey Totter recently.  Photographers are always trying for a different way to capture their subject and sometimes their effort produces an, shall we say, odd photo.  I mean, Audrey looks great, the fancy hairdo and highlighted bare shoulder, but what's with the pillow?  Note the very small tab, or what have you, on the lower right corner which identifies the picture as being for "Tension MGM 1949."  That seems to indicate the picture is positioned correctly, as does the location of the snipe on the back.

                         Audrey Totter in MGM's Tension (1949)

But doesn't the horizontal view make a bit more sense?  Or have I missed something here?  So, what'd ya think??


Debbie said...

Horizontal is MUCH better! The vertical looks weird. (Great picture of Totter though!)

Kathy said...

I was really stumped trying to figure out the photo from the vertical. It was an "Eureka" moment when I saw it from the horizontal. (And, yes, I do lead a very boring life ...)