Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bob and Clark Out and About

I am sure Bob and Clark got to know each well. since at MGM Bob's dressing room was located on the second floor of the men's quarters, directly above Clark's.  Remembering the old cliche, "Paper thin walls make for cozy neighors,"  I doubt much of what went on in their rooms was kept a secret from the other.   Below, the two "eminent Romeos" chat on the lot.  Notice the photo caption has Clark appearing with Harlow in "Black Orange Blossoms."  The movie is released as Hold Your Man (1933).  A much better title. 

Eleven years later, January 15, 1944, we find the two at the christening of the Liberty Ship "S.S. Carole Lombard" on Terminal island in Southern Los Angeles County.  Clark has already returned from a tour in Europe, Bob will soon be heading in that direction.

Wonder if they kept in touch after the MGM days.  Probably not, Clark staying in Los Angeles and Bob heading off for New York.  If they did run into each other --- ah, they stories they could have told.

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