Thursday, June 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Bits of Bob

**** Bob and Jean Harlow were initially scheduled to make Small Town Girl (1936), but were replaced by Robert Taylor and Janet Gaynor.  Would loved to have seen Bob and Jean together.  Replacing Jean Harlow with Janet Gaynor ... mind-boggling. 

**** The Girl I Made was the working title of Made on Broadway.   Now, The Girl I Made sounds like a much more fitting title for a Montgomery/Harlow vehicle.  

**** From a 1932 magazine photo caption: "Gay, blithe Montgomery was a very sick young man recently when he had to undergo an operation for appendicitis.  Production was held up for three weeks on Tinfoil, his latest Metro picture, in which Tallulah Bankhead is his leading woman.  Fortunately the last scene to be shot for the picture required Robert's being in bed."

                                          Faithless (1932)

**** And, as a follow up to Carrie's Foodie blog ... From the Aug, 1933 issue of "Hollywood Movie Novels" article,  Cross-Examing the Stars:  "What is your favorite breakfast dish?  Answer: Anchovies and scrambled eggs --- prepared by my wife."

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