Friday, April 12, 2013

Twelve Reasons to be Thankful...

1.  I feel good enough to get back to blogging.

2.  Photobucket has finally added back Custom Sort as an option for organizing albums!!  My, but my photos have been in such a mess since they made their format change.

3 - 12.  TCM is showing TEN Bob Montgomery movies in May!!  Six on Bob's birthday May 21st, two on the Thursday after and two more Memorial Day weekend.  Ten big hugs go out to the person who made the programming choices.  In the order shown, they are:  The Easiest Way, Hide-Out, Night Must Fall, Three Loves Has Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Big House, The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, The Divorcee, Hell Below and They Were Expendable.  It is a great sampling of his work.  They are all good, but DO watch/record Hide-Out if you haven't already.  Makes me feel good just thinking about it.

              Bob & Maureen O'Sullivan on the set of Hide-Out (1934)

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