Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heartthrob of the Day, Joel McCrea

I have to admit to a wavering eye ... there were so many handsome men in those Golden Age movies.  Some, like Bob when he was young, fit in the beautiful class.  In my eye, Joel McCrea was a beautiful young man, and remained a handsome man throughout his career. 

For a few years in the 1980s, I lived in Moorpark, CA, which neighbored the McCrea ranch.  Drove passed the entrance to his ranch numerous times, always hoping to catch a glance of the famous family.  No such luck.  Did know several people who had met Joel, never heard a bad thing said about the man.  Just not your typical Hollywood star. 

In 1962 he co-starred with Randolph Scott in Ride the High Country.  If you haven't seen the movie, do try to catch it.  It's just great fun to watch two old pros strut their stuff.  Of course, ever the modest man, Joel described their performance as simply "washed-up actors playing washed-up law men."  I do so have to disagree with you, Mr. McCrea. 


Jessica P. said...

Thank you for posting about one of the most attractive actors of the Golden Era!
McCrea was also a wonderful actor and highly underrated.

Kathy said...

Believe me, it was all my pleasure!
Loved him in "More the Merrier" and "Foreign Correspondent," as well as "Ride the High Country." Definitely one of the nice guys.

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Kathy said...

Thanks! You've made my day.