Saturday, January 17, 2009

It Never Happened One Night

If you've ever done any digging into Robert Montgomery, you've probably run into information on him missing out on Clark Gable's Oscar winning part in It Happened One Night. Some sources say he turned it down while others day MGM didn't want to loan him out.

Fast forward to an interview recently posted on Alternative Film Guide with Allan Ellenberger on Miriam Hopkins. Mr. Ellenberger is working on a book about Miriam, which should be a fascinating read once released.

Mr. Ellenberger offered up a fact I never knew: Miriam Hopkins refused Claudette Colbert's Oscar winning role in It Happened One Night.

1934 was already a busy year for Bob with films such as Forsaking All Others, Hide-Out, Riptide, The Mystery of Mr. X, Fugitive Lovers released.

Now there's a fascinating Hollywood "what if."

Miriam & Bob had at least one thing in common: not getting along with Bette Davis - and the feelings were all mutual. The interview offers up more on the Hopkins/Davis rivalry.

I don't care to pull info from Wikipedia, but this is cited and I've read this before: Davis clashed with her co-star Robert Montgomery while making June Bride (1948), later describing him as "a male Miriam Hopkins... an excellent actor, but addicted to scene-stealing".

Bob & Miriam also had some connections back to Summer Stock as well, but that's another post and some needed research.


Anonymous said...

LOL - male Miriam Hopkins? I find that so funny.

Shame to know that Bette and Robert didn't get along because I love Bette loads, and of course you know how much I love Bob, lol - anyway, quite an interesting read - thanks for sharing :D

Caitlin said...

That's an interesting tidbit, considering that every time I hear or read about this movie, it's mentioned that Claudette Colbert (and possibly Clark Gable?) wanted nothing to do with it. I wonder if the film would be as good if the lead roles had gone to actors who actually wanted them.

Carrie said...

Princess: I'm willing to bet Capra could take pretty much any actor/actress combo and make magic!

Stelly: Bette vs. Joan Vs. Miriam - Bette seems to be the common point here ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stelly, if it helps, Bob and Bette got on great in Rochester. Bette once said she thought Bob was very nice and really liked him back then. It seems by the time they were paired in June Bride career disappointments and the Truman-Dewey race brought out the devil in both of them.

The Siren said...

I love Bette heart and soul, but by the time of June Bride she was in full-fledged monster mode. Even the Pope might have lost his cool with Bette at that point in her career.

Anonymous said...

How amazing would it have been to see Miriam Hopkins and Bob Montgomery paired. They would have been totally perfect. I love Gable and Colbert in It Happened One Night, but I think the pairing of Hopkins and Montgomery would have been excellent in that movie.