Friday, December 19, 2008

Controversy! Censorship! Johnny Carson?

March 1969: Apollo 9 just splashed down, Crossfire is on tonight at 11, and Bob Montgomery seems to be irritating the TV networks again. Boy have times changed.

If anyone has seen copies of Bob on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, please drop me a note.

Kind thanks to 'CM staff researcher' Tracy for digging this up.


Anonymous said...

I would sooo love to see a clip of that interview :D

Carrie said...

That would be cool!

Anonymous said...

I have been catching odd stuff on chiller channel- with old stars-in their older years. But it hasn't been anything that came up by search on the sat. Like Crawford didn't show up for it, but she was in one of the episodes. So, scroll some of the 60's shows like Night Gallery etc.. Carrie you got me started on weird shows now lol..little grey men, funny looking space cars.
PS I am taking requests for stuff/photos etc from Ferncliff, Kensico, Arlington and so forth if anyone wants anything. You just know I have to visit Joan.

Carrie said...

Everone has an inner X-Phile! ;0P