Monday, August 25, 2008

The Class of 1923

As a teen, Henry Montgomery, Jr. attended the Pawling School for Boys in Pawling, New York. The school still exists today as Trinity-Pawling School.

Now here's where I get confused. A couple of sources I'm looking at to write this post note he moved to New York City in 1922. Logic would say Class of 1923 meant he was still at the school until that graduating year. His father died in 1922.

Roughly in this 1922-24 time period, Bob also took on the famed "riches to rags" descent to become a worker on a Standard Oil tanker. In September of 1924, he would act in his first play, The Mask and the Face.

If I did my math correctly, Bob is around 19 in the below class photo. Can you pick him out?

Many thanks to "CM Staff Researcher" Tracy for digging this up. Of course, I have no real staff (or payroll for that matter), but the title sure looks good!


kimglore said...

wow, that's great! I see him as the person in the bottom left. (First of the bottom row)

Anonymous said...

Awww shucks :::shuffling foot::: thanks for the promotion Carrie! Do I get my own parking spot too?

I still wish I could find something on his brother. I am hoping when I go up there that I can find him. Since the family resemblance is so strong I wonder what he looks like.

Editor said...

Hello, Carrie--very nice piece, and I recognized Mr. Montgomery immediately. Thanks for sharing this with all your readers. I looked at the Trinity-Pawling website, and see why our star turned out so swell. What a great school, with wonderful standards. I notice that many couples are employed there in different academic capacities. That makes for a healthy atmosphere. I enjoyed reading the roll of students that you published, and their hometowns.

Great job!

P.S., we finally acquired a copy of Ride the Pink Horse, thanks to your sharing the source.



Carrie said...

Pearls - Yep, you spotted Bob!

Tracy - I'll talk to you about the parking spot and the promotion later ;0P

MJ - Glad you were able to get that copy of Pink Horse finally! No one should be without that film in their library.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I spotted him in less than two seconds, lol - what a great, great, great piece of information!!! This is awesome, uncovering more stuff about our favorite actor :D

Carrie said...

Stelly - Actually, there will be a quiz later ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi all this is OT here with Bob, but I was just writing a late birthday card for Van Johnson. I had sent him a SASE earlier this year and received a beautiful autographed photo in less than a week! Unheard of these days. Anyway, his address is: VAN JOHNSON 51 Mountain View Ave. Nyack, NY 10960 R00m # 224 if anyone would like to drop him a card/note or request a photo.

Hope everyone had a safe Labor Day!

Carrie said...

Can we all get a group of gals to go visit & deliver a b-day cake? :0)