Thursday, May 22, 2008

Love in What Rough?

From 9 to 5 we're buried alive...

I started watching Love in the Rough last night because of a question that came into the blog yesterday: At what golf course was it filmed?

As one always up for historical tidbits, if you know the answer, please leave a comment.

Update: We've got an answer thanks to Laura - Lake Norconian, Norco, CA. Fascinating looking place (reading up...)


Laura said...

Found the answer!

It was Lake Norconian. This link includes a photo of the filming.

Best wishes,
Laura (fellow movie & history trivia fan)

Carrie said...

Laura, You rock! Thanks for passing that along!

Laura said...

My pleasure! Glad you asked the question, as it turned out to be a fascinating little bit of history regarding the "Inland Empire" (the term for Riverside & San Bernardino Counties) here in Southern California. I went to college not all that far from Norco, in Redlands.

Looking forward to seeing the movie!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! What a cool, awesome find - thanks for answering the question, yes :D