Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Blips & Beeps

I have entered into a Dick Powell phase - quite coincidentally actually. I'm not talking the 30s Powell (just a matter of time...), but the bit more "grown up" version of the 1940s. Saturday night consisted of the last 45 minutes of The Bad and the Beautiful. Sunday was Star Spangled Rhythm. SSR is one of those films where a studio grabs any and all stars from the lot and sprinkles them throughout the film. Queue the scene with Dick Powell and Mary Martin singing "Hit the Road to Dreamland":

I could watch this scene over & over again. The tune is stuck in my head now. Argh, where's my copy of Murder, My Sweet?

And finally, I just want to give props to for excellent customer service. Sunday night I popped in Female from the Forbidden Hollywood V2 set, only to find the DVD skipping & doing other "possessed" things. Nine p.m., fill out the online return form and boom, Tuesday I have the replacement DVD. Ruth Chatterton's character gave in way too easy in the end, but that's a whole other issue...


Anonymous said...

I think that quartet is in 'A Song is Born' - pretty awesome guys!

And what a cute, awesome clip :D!

Carrie said...

I'll have to check that out in IMDB...there's a massive list of credits for that movie!