Friday, August 24, 2007

Anita Page's Thoughts On Bob

Anita Page starred in 4 Robert Montgomery films over her short career: Free and Easy, Our Blushing Brides, War Nurse, and The Easiest Way. Alternative Film Blog has posted an interview (in 2 parts) with author Allan Ellenberger, who interviewed Anita for his Ramon Novarro book.

One of the questions posted to Allan was what were Anita's thoughts on her on-screen romantic partners. On Robert Montgomery:

"I thought Robert had a marvelous manner of acting and a great line delivery. I once asked him how he achieved this style and he said 'stage work.' He told me that learning basic acting is essential, but real technique must come from working before a live audience. You learn how to time comic line-delivery, as well as develop your acting skills.

"When I asked if he played people like himself, he said 'no, no. You get costumes that are entirely different.' He also said that was one way to get rid of stage fright. It helps keep you anonymous with [the] audience — so if you forgot your lines, they wouldn't recognize you when you became another character. You were less nervous. I never forgot Bob's tip that day on the set, so when the door was open for me to do a live performance, I jumped on it!"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that tidbit - pretty cool to read about what Bob did in his acting - nice insight :D