Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two Guys From Milwaukee

Ah yes, Milwaukee - lakefront jewel of Wisconsin. I can understand why a prince from a far off country would lie and say he's just another guy from Milwaukee (nudge, nudge).

Two Guys From Milwaukee isn't an Oscar winner (or nominee) or some profound drama that has left impressions on millions - it's just a fun 40s movie.

Dennis Morgan (who I've discovered has quite the set of pipes) plays Prince Henry. He's touring the states and has an interested in "ordinary" people, especially since his home country may be no more after an upcoming election. Oh, he also wants to meet Lauren Bacall. Enter Jack Carson as Buzz Williams, NYC taxi cab driver. He's really from Milwaukee.

Prince Henry decides to go AWOL and take on the town for a few days, to see what America is really like. Stopping in a bar for a drink, he meets Carson's character and they begin to talk. "Where ya from?" Looking around, Prince Henry spots a beer sign extolling the pleasures of Milwaukee beer. "Milwaukee" he proudly pronounces! And the fun begins.

S.Z. Sakall also plays in this movie as Count Oswald, advisor to the Prince. I'm sure you've seen him before, you can't miss the face.

If you do catch this film on TCM, make sure you watch it all the way - there's a small surprise at the end with the names of Lauren & Humphrey.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cute, fun movie :D