Friday, May 19, 2017

What's 46 Years of a Life, A Blink of the Eye

It's 1960, Bob arrives in Chicago to attend the GOP National Convention.  President Eisenhower will be giving a televised speech, so, of course, Bob is there to assist.  It is a role he enjoyed, along with the excuse to wear his straw hat.  Now, why he needed a coat in late July in Chicago ... Anyway, the broad smile matches the boy within.  Very much like the smile on the young man below. 

                                  Robert Montgomery at 56
Henry Montgomery, Jr. is 10 years old.  The Bob we know is already well established.  That's one nifty outfit:  plus fours, starched white collar and tie, a most impressive hat, watch fob, his own camera ... the best-dressed kid on the block for sure.   And one big smile, our Bob, for sure. 

                               Henry Montgomery, Jr. at 10

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