Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It Was a Hot One Yesterday ... Too Hot!

This post is late...I'm blaming it on the awful fact that it was 109 here in Beautiful Bakersfield CA yesterday!  I spent most of the afternoon on my raft in the pool.  We have umbrellas all around the pool to avoid being toasted in our hot, hot sun.  The shade may have saved my skin, but I think maybe the heat melted a few memory cells. 

Bob looks cool at his Beverly Hills pool in July, 1938.  I'll bet it's no hotter than 80 when this photo was taken.  I'll also bet that the only thing me and my pool experience has in common with Bob and his, is the water. 


3rdplanet said...

Handsome, handsome man!

Kathy said...

Hi, 3rdplanet. Thanks for checking in.

Yes, a handsome man indeed. Rrrrff!!