Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Can You Not Love a Man Who Loves Dogs

One of Bob's passions was dog breeding, an endeavor he practiced throughout his adult life.  As with most (if not all) of his activities, he excelled at it, even serving as a judge in dog shows.   He changed breeds over the years.  The above picture (c. 1938) shows Bob with two of his favorite Dalmatians.  The Springer Spaniel was another favorite breed.  And in an interview given in May, 1980, 76-year-old Bob talked about living on a farm that produced "... hay, Labrador Retrievers and maple syrup."

Quite fittingly, 'Young Bob' had an energetic Wirehaired Fox Terrier named Laddie.  

Now, if I just had a picture of  'Old Bob' walking his estate (or "farm" in Bob's view) with a favorite Lab ...


Debbie said...

Love this post, as this is a characteristic I also share. Life is not complete without a dog. However, it would appear that Bob also had a love of cats (as I do also). I have seen candids from films he was in with feline co-stars (Night Must Fall, They Were Expendable, etc) where he was seen cuddling said cat actors. Another of the many reasons to love Bob.

Kathy said...

So, life is not complete without a dog, eh. THAT'S what's wrong with my life!!!! NOW you tell me. If only my cats would let me have a dog.

Meanwhile, I like your 'cuddling said cat actors' phrase. Lucky felines.