Monday, July 23, 2012

No, it's Bob, not Bob!

My computer crashed last week.  I was scanning in a Bob picture --- one too many for the poor thing, it would appear.  I lost a lot of stuff, more than I care to think about right now.  At least I backed up most of my Bob photos.  Thank goodness ... losing them would have pushed me right off the proverbial cliff!  Anyway, I have been inspired to share a few photos with you this week that you may not have seen, before the Fates take those from me as well.

I love finding Bob photos that have been misidentified.  This was supposed to be Bob Young ... Nah ... not with the patented receding Montgomery hairline!  And those white bucks and sunglasses, definitely Bob attire.  The photo is stamped September 6, 1932.  I would have thought it earlier.  Maybe it's the car. 

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Carrie said...

Nice find!