Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More June For Your Bride


eva said...

I love what she's wearing. The neckline of the coat is gorgeous.

Debbie said...

Great picture! Thanks Carrie! I can't help it, I know they hated each other but, I still love this movie.


Kelley said...

I love your blog and read every post! I have started a film blog and wondered if you might look at it and give some pointers.

Carrie said...

Hey Kelley: Thank you!

I'm far from an expert blogger, that's for sure. But I'd say specialize - it's a great way to create a niche & stand you out from the crowd. It's fine to be be a fan of classics in general, but what in particular do you like about it? Certain actors? Art Deco style? Directors? Cars? Lighting? Romance? Maybe write a little more about that when you write something. Do some background research & add some tidbits.

The more you blog, the more of a direction you'll find.

At first I tried writing movie reviews, but felt like I was droning on. So, I decided to stick with images & historical bits & pieces.

Good luck!