Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just in the Nick of Time

One of the films shown by TCM in July was Sky Murder (1940). Now if you recall, TCM was playing a million aviation related films last month, including this one which I TiVo'd. TCM was stretching the theme a bit - there were no dogfights, no war heroes, no daredevil barnstormers - just a murder on a plane. I'll leave it to the link above to give you a plot overview.

Sky Murder stars Walter Pidgeon as detective Nick Carter. The feel of the film is similar to the other detective series' on fim of the time like The Saint and The Falcon. As a side note, watch for Tom Conway, who would later star in The Falcon series (as did his brother). The characters in Sky Murder are slightly cartoonish, but definitely unique. As I say for a lot of films, it isn't an Oscar winner, but it's a fun watch like many other detective films of the time.

Walter has made it to my TiVo favorites list...


stellypippin said...

Okay, if it's got Walter Pidgeon, then I should watch this, heh :D

Carrie said...

Uh huh. Watched 'Big Brown Eyes' last night. Cary Grant who? ;)