Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TCM Media Room

I browsed my way into a new section of the TCM web site the other day, their Media Room. Some background from a recent news release:

TCM's Media Room, which launched in June, aggregates more than 3,000 short-form videos, including classic trailers, short films, classic movie clips and interstitials, as well as an occasional feature film, and offers users an online cinematic experience. The premiere of Living on Love will be offered free for viewing for a limited time in July.

FYI: Living on Love is a full feature film from 1937 - a remake of Rafter Romance.

The Media Room allows you to search for actors or titles and save them to a playlist. Just a note, the playlist is based on browser cookies, not a username/password system, so you could lose your playlist over time.

I have to add, Robert Montgomery is well represented in their library of trailers.

Name that movie!


stellypippin said...

Wow, I'm having too much fun with the media room, lol - just saw the trailer for 'Fast and Loose' and it looks hilariously awesome :D

As for my guess as to where that screencap came from 'Live, Love, and Learn'? I'm going to kick myself if I get it wrong and it's an answer I should know, lmao

Carrie said...

Close - that just means you have to watch more (LOL).

Hint: Just one of her loves...

stellypippin said...

Three Loves Has Nancy - yes, I need to watch more movies, lol