Monday, July 02, 2007

Robert Young's Dark Side

Movie Morlocks blog has an entry on some of the "darker" roles Robert Young has played in his career: The Mortal Storm and They Won't Believe Me.

There's a comment from a reader about Robert Montgomery, Robert Taylor, and Robert Young - how some of their better roles were the evil ones. I'll second that.


Anna said...


I noticed your links list - is Classic Montgomery going to be a full-on website soon? Keep up the good work!

Bacall said...

Nice blog!!! Speaking of darker roles that Montgomery did, how about his role in "Night Must Fall" played along with Rosaline Russell? I think this was his darkest role by far. He plays a charming young man who enchants a wealthy old woman---eventually revealing his true colors. He was truly intense in this film.

Will add a link from my blog to yours.

Carrie said...

Anna - yep!

Ms. Bacall - thanks!
NMF is a beaut of a film. Only in classic film can you put across the thought & fear of a severed head without even showing it!

Oh, and a link to your blog has been added too!