Thursday, March 15, 2007

Radio Style - The Black Curtain

Today's radio feature is an episode of Suspense from January 3, 1948. This also happens to be the very first one-hour episode of the CBS radio show - or as they say, "A full 60 minutes on Saturday night." The Black Curtain is based on the 1941 Cornell Woolrich novel of the same name.

In this story, Robert Montgomery plays Frank Townsend, who is really Danny Nearing. The story starts with Frank waking up on the side of the street, surrounded by people trying to help him up. He wakes as Frank, but that's not who he is. Add to that someone has stolen his wallet with his ID. Enter a murder, a couple of chase scenes, a girlfriend, and you have suspense. While the story itself I found to be a bit flat, it picks up over time to a good twist of an ending.

One Hour - 13 MB

And for those out there with an interest in Cornell, be sure to check out this site.

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