Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Lonely Place - Radio Style

Welcome to one of my favorite Suspense stories - A Lonely Place. This Suspense presentation, from June 3, 1948 stars Robert Montgomery as a murderer - a strangler to be specific. We learn quickly in the story that there are some things a man keeps secret.

14 MB - 1 Hour

I think what I like best of this presentation, beside the story, are the voice fluctuations from our beloved killer - it makes for some good listening.

One last thing, I just noticed that Bogart made this story a movie in 1950 (adds to Netflix list).


bantaskin said...

Bob plays those psycho ladykillers a little too well.

I set the DVR to record the Bogart one this morning--it'll be fun to compare versions.

Carrie said...

I TiVo'd the Bogart film too. It'll be an interesting comparison.

Steve-O said...

The radio version sticks to the book, while the movie is almost totally different.

The film is this week's NOTW, by the way....