Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jane Eyre - Radio Style

My only exposure to Jane Eyre has been the Hollywood version with Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine (which is coming on DVD this Spring). I don't think I have the patience to break out of my non-fiction reading world to take on the book. However, I did enjoy the film - the dark atmosphere in particular.

Today's download is a radio presentation from June 14, 1948 from the Lux Radio Theater, starring Ingrid Bergman as Jane and Robert Montgomery as Edward Rochester. It certainly has a dark feel about it and is an interesting listen, but it's not as grabbing as the film.

MP3 - 9.6 MB

The introduction and end have been cut off from this show, so it will take you directly into the story.


stellypippin said...



Not only because Bob's Edward, but because the Orson version is coming out on DVD this year, YES!

Bantaskin said...

Orson's Jane Eyre is a favorite of mine. His Edward made me swoon and melt.

I really enjoyed this radio version, although everytime Ingrid spoke I half expected to hear a deep baritone voice say "Pauulaah, where did you put the broach?"

Carrie said...

I had to look up it was Ingrid. There were moments where it was spot on, then others...