Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here Comes Mr. Jordan on DVD

I'm not going to write much of a review on the DVD issue of Here Comes Mr. Jordan - there's some good ones out there that sum it up well. I just want to add my two cents as a classic DVD lover & Bob fan.

The film quality on the DVD is great - it is the restored copy from the UCLA film archive. But what erks me, and I really hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, is the lack of DVD-ish content. First, there's no customized menu - no photo, no music - just "play". There aren't any extras either, such as a trailer or secondary audio commentary.

Since we seem to be averaging one to two Robert Montgomery DVDs per year, let's hope this is just the first - and not the only.

And finally, because a post on this blog wouldn't be a true post without photos...ever notice the recurring theme in Mr. Jordan, other than the saxophone?


romanleader said...

That's a lot of robes! I never noticed.

Here's a picture of the menu:

stellypippin said...

Wow, what a plain menu :/ But hey, it's on DVD, yay!!! So I'm sure as hell going to buy it.

As for the robes, I want to firmly believe that Bob's gotta have some sort of robe/pijama collection or something, from his movies, lmao

Carrie said...

What a lame attempt at a menu. If it weren't for our friends to the north, they'd probably just start you right into the movie. Even I can create a DVD menu...sheesh.

Pajama collection, I'll have to make a theme post one of these days...