Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What a Difference a Stamp Makes

You could look at this purchase one of two ways:  (1)  A once over-sized photo has been trimmed to approximately 8x10 inches.  How sad to vandalize such a wonderful photo.  Or,

(2)  On the back of the photo is a Hurrell stamp.  I was actually able to buy a Montgomery by Hurrell without that bank loan!  Wonderful.  Whatever, the essence of the photo is there.  Love that smile.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Word About My Other Passion

I am a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan.  Or should I more correctly say fanatic.  I watch most every game they play.  Baseball and floating in the pool are my summer passions.  The prior three seasons they did not make the playoffs and my Octobers were downright depressing, I was lost for something to fill the void. 

Ah, but this year, St. Louis won their division.  September was a real nail biter.  I thought all summer that the Cubs would beat us --- hey, the media said they would! --- but they fell apart at the end.  Thank goodness, because Milwaukee went on this scary winning streak at the end and came too darn close.   

It is nice to win.  And last night we won again, the NLDS this time, winning over the Atlanta Braves.  The Cards were not expected to win, of course.  And I am sure we'll be the underdogs once more.  But, hey, we might just win. 

Meanwhile, it's October 10th and there are a minimum of four more Cardinals games to watch, hopefully many more.  It has been a beautiful October.  Thank you Yadi and the rest of the team for making it so.  Go, Cards!!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Wanna fly to Fond du lac for breakfast?

Ah, ha!  This photo came with the news caption adhered to the back.

 "The radio and television advisor to President Eisenhower, actor Robert Montgomery, accompanied by his wife, was the guest speaker Sunday (Oct. 3, 1960) at a "fly-in" breakfast at the Fond du lac County airport to support Vice-President Nixon for the presidency.  About 250 persons in 80 private aircraft attended the breakfast."                  

Fond du lac County is in Wisconsin, at the southern end of Lake Winnebago and 68 miles from Milwaukee.  Easier to fly into Fond du lac than Milwaukee, I would imagine.  Check out Bob's lapel for the Nixon pin.  Mr. Montgomery was not a close friend of Mr. Nixon, but Mr. Montgomery was a loyal party man.  I have always liked Buffy.  You know she just loved flying to Fond du Lac, WI in October to be by her man. 

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Uncle Sam Needs You(r Money)!!

Now, just what is in Bob's bag ... lets assume it's money.  Has he just been handed the bag or is he giving it to the person on the right?  Since Bob is in uniform, is the money for some war drive?  Aarrgh!  Another photo without any description available.  Shucks.  I do know that big smile helped raise a few extra dollars from the ladies. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Getting Down to Basics

Just a gorgeous scene, isn't it.  Plunked down in a beautiful woodland, flowers everywhere, the couple more interested in each other than their surroundings.  But, who are they?

Oh, it's Greta Garbo and Robert Montgomery in Inspiration (1931).  Still a gorgeous scene with plenty of flowers ... and you have a closer look at Bob!  Near perfection. 

(I apologize for the lateness of my post.  Knowing what day of the week it is has been one of the unexpected challenges of retirement.)