Thursday, December 18, 2014

"His Critics Will Gnash Their Teeth"

Poor Bob, one weak movie after another through most of his career.  Typecast, placed in so-so movies, an irritant to his bosses and still able to maintain a lengthy, successful career.  I guess that's what being a star is all about. 



Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bob in Blu-Ray Even!!

The Criterion Collection ( has announced (via Carrie) that Ride the Pink Horse is one of their April releases!!  You can pre-order it now, to be delivered by March 17th.  A digitally restored Bob ... can't wait. 

And would someone please, please dig Letty Lynton out of its legal morass and provide a digitally restored, beautiful young Bob!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Which Smile Do You Prefer?

I'm partial to the first photo, the cat-who-just-ate-the-canary smile.

Photo Caption:  "Robert Montgomery is an actor first, an idol afterward.  He has demonstrated his versatility in a wide variety of roles and he will never be satisfied to smile his way through his films.  His latest is "Love in the Rut."  (Changing Rut to Rough was a good idea.)

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas = IAWL

I'm a sucker for It's a Wonderful Life this time of year (but I can't stand watching it on NBC with all of the commercials). So, in the spirit of the holidays, here's some neat photos from LIFE Magazine that you might enjoy from behind the scenes. And I have to apologize upfront - I found this in my Twitter feed the other day but I don't remember who ran across it first!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Totter ... Sexy Lady No Matter the Pose

Ran across this rather distinctive portrait of Audrey Totter recently.  Photographers are always trying for a different way to capture their subject and sometimes their effort produces an, shall we say, odd photo.  I mean, Audrey looks great, the fancy hairdo and highlighted bare shoulder, but what's with the pillow?  Note the very small tab, or what have you, on the lower right corner which identifies the picture as being for "Tension MGM 1949."  That seems to indicate the picture is positioned correctly, as does the location of the snipe on the back.

                         Audrey Totter in MGM's Tension (1949)

But doesn't the horizontal view make a bit more sense?  Or have I missed something here?  So, what'd ya think??