Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eight Years Can Take Their Toll

Bob's August Birthday Ladies, No. 8:  Ingrid Bergman was born on August 29th and died 67 years later on the same day.  That's a rather odd distinction.  In December of 1940, she began filming Rage in Heaven with Bob as her co-star.  Eight years later, on December 13, 1948, she appeared with Bob in Lux Mystery Radio Theater's presentation of The Seventh Veil.  It's a fun listen, the mature Bob with his deeper and more resonant voice invoking Crazy Danny from Night Must Fall. 
                                   Rage in Heaven (1941)

 Bob and Ingrid taking a coffee break while preparing for their performance on Lux Mystery Radio Theater on December 13, 1948. 

Bob scores points for keeping his pinkie off the cup!  The photo is from a magazine so the resolution is not the greatest ... wish I could read the printing on the cup.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seven to One, Rather Like the Odds

Wow ... a roomful of biggies.  Wouldn't a producer have sold his soul for this cast.  Photo came with no ID, of course.  I did discover that Charles Laughton directed the 1954 Broadway production of The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial which starred Henry Fonda, John Hodiak and Lloyd Nolan.  But Ty, Ray, Anne and Dick ... they just happened to stop by for a visit?!  Nah.  Anyone have any ideas? 

Back Row: Lloyd Nolan, Tyrone Power, Raymond Massey and John Hodiak   Front RowCharles Laughton, Anne Baxter, Dick Powell and Henry Fonda

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You Wonder When He Had Time to Make Movies

                And, if you believe that one, there's this bridge ...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bob on Fire?

                          Robert Montgomery, October, 1950

Wow ... what could cause such a volcanic eruption of smoke from Bob?  Let's see, I'm thinkin', it's Oct., 1950.  As in the midst of his divorce from Betty.  Maybe his lawyer has just told him how much the divorce is going to cost him.  Yeah, that could've done it! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick John Hodiak Plug

This Sunday (8/17) is John Hodiak day on TCM, so I'm firin' up my DVR to catch up on his films I haven't seen before.

Check out the day-long schedule over on the Summer Under the Stars website.

I now return you to regular, Montgomery programming...