Thursday, March 26, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

In 1930, Bob's awkward approach to love making is not appreciated at all by June Walker. 

                                        War Nurse (1930)
By 1936, Bob had mastered his moves after extensive research and practice.  He knows how to get Myrna into his arms without a moment's protest.  Lucky, lucky lady ...

                                   Petticoat Fever (1936)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Astaire and Rogers ... Almost Unworldly

               Fred and Ginger in The Barkleys of Broadway (1949)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ride the Pink Horse Is a Hit - 68 Years Later!

Ride the Pink Horse (1947) has finally been released!!!  Seemed like forever since Criterion made the announcement they were coming out with a Blu Ray copy of our favorite underrated noir film.  Ran across a dozen reviews on the web, all of them in agreement that it's an excellent film, well worth the effort to have it remastered and shown to a new audience of prospective Montgomery fans!

The print is just gorgeous, definitely adds to the movie with all its noir lighting and camera work.  And the commentary track is worth a second viewing of the movie.  Both reviewers know their film noir and share their expertise without being condescending to the audience.  Refreshing.  I do have a question re one of their comments:  Why would one consider Once More, My Darling to be Bob's "noir parody?"  They really lost me there. 

Anyway, if you haven't already a copy... BUY ONE!! 

Above, Bob uses a hands-on approach to directing his young leading lady, Wanda Hendrix.  Also pictured are John Sherwood, Asst. Director, and Margarita Savilla, Wanda's speech coach.

Below, Bob listens to long-time character actor Thomas Gomez in preparation for a scene.  No hand holding needed to direct Mr. Gomez, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance. 


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Challenge For Ya'

The stills below show Munsey, the Butler, preparing The Earl of Gorley, our friend Silky, for his execution.  A rather sober scene for sure.  It took me a while to realize there were two stills of the scene, they are almost the same.  Remember those contests in the kid's section of the Sunday paper that asked you to find the differences between two similar drawings?  Well, lets wake up our aging adult minds and try to find the differences in these photos. Just send in your list to be eligible for the surprise gift ...

           Bob and Edmund Gwenn in The Earl of Chicago (1940)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Joan, The Freckled Wildcat!

I thought something looked different about Joan when I first saw this photo.

                     Bob and Joan Crawford in Untamed (1929)
So, I enlarged the area around the their faces ...

So many freckles that some rubbed off onto Bob!