Tuesday, April 03, 2018

79 Years Ago Today, Bob ...

April 3 – appears before the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee to express his opposition to a bill designed to prohibit “Block Billing” and “Blind Selling”, two trade practices which curb the discretion that a movie house owner has in selecting pictures to be shown in his community.  Speaking as a former president of SAG, Montgomery told the Committee that the Guild and their members have come to a very definite conclusion that if the bill should become a law, it would cut in half the production schedules of the Motion Picture industry.

I am quite sure Bob was serious about his presentation, but why not let everyone know you are enjoying this endeavor.  Besides, there aren't many actors who do not automatically turn on the charm with a camera pointed at them.  And it's the eyeglasses that make the photos.  The young Mr. Montgomery could never be seen with them, but 35-year-old Bob would need them to read his statement.  And what a great prop to liven up the photos of him on the committee floor.  Boy, talk about someone who knew how to pose for a camera.

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