Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ah, Those Bedroom Eyes ...

It is difficult for me to think of William Powell working at any studio other than MGM.  But he started at Paramount and left in 1931, having become dissatisfied with the roles he was being given.  The same thing happens after three years at Warner Bros.  Then MGM welcomed him with The Thin Man (1934) and a Best Actor nomination.  Finally, Mr. Powell found his happy home.

                              Paramount on Parade (1930)

 And to think Bill began his career playing villains.  What a waste.


Debbie said...

Such a nice, sweet, extremely funny man! I'm with you Kathy, just can't see him as a villain. And yes, those great eyes! Just love him!

Kathy said...

Deb ... Do you know if he started to wear a mustache because he played the villain so often, or did he adopt it because he looks so darn good with it?