Thursday, February 01, 2018

It's a Great Photo, But ...

Unfortunately, I am limited by the framework of the blog when it comes to displaying large photos, as well as those of great scope.  Even in an 8" x 10" format, it is difficult to tell just what is happening in the photo below, but it still looks nifty. 

So, lets take a closer look.  Hey, it's Bob as Silky Kilmount on his way to ... no, I can't say anymore, don't want to spoil the ending for anyone!  Anyway, check out those skinny Montgomery legs.

And the other group of men appear to represent the government, the military services and the established church.  Note, the navy guy didn't seem to hear the director's order to look at Bob.  Guess they didn't think anyone would see the scene well enough to notice it.  

By the way, I have a blown-up version of of the still I use as wallpaper.  Yes, it's a really nifty photo!


Carrie said...

Woowoo, legs! Geez, I feel like I have mega calves

Kathy said...

And I wouldn't be surprised if his stockings weren't padded!! He may have added girth to his mid-section and face, but the arms and legs remained skinny. Check out the photo of 57-year-old Bob included in January 2nd's post, in particular the upper left arm. Lordy, my arm hasn't been that slender since elementary school!