Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Fun With Photos, Course 201: Environmental Portraiture

Young Bob at home with his polo gear in 1933. 

Older Bob on his yacht in 1961.

Two really, really nice photos.  The photo of 57-year-old Bob was taken by Allan Walker of a now defunct newspaper in the Jacksonville, FL area.  Bob has gone there to pick up his new yacht.  The photo survives because it was entered into a photo competition and is located in the State Archives  of Florida.

The first photo is by a studio photographer and I'm guessing it's Clarence S. Bull.  Hurrell has left MGM to do freelance work, some even for MGM, but it is not quite his style.  Ted Allan is around, but it is definitely not his style.  That kinda leaves Bull as the most likely candidate.  Whoever it was, he produced a beautiful portrait of the 29-year-old Mr. Montgomery. 

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