Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Really Nice Photo of a Gorgeous Couple

Lucky and Pauline ... such a great match.  The same goes for Bob and Maureen.  It really is too bad they didn't make another film together.  A sequel to Hide-Out (1934) would have been great, but any movie would have been just fine.  Darn it, anyway. 

                 Bob and Maureen O'Sullivan in Hide-Out (1934)


Debbie said...

Gee, it's hard to decide who was more beautiful! lol (I choose Bob!)

Brittaney said...

I agree. I liked these two together.

Kathy said...

Yes, just perfect casting. And such an enjoyable movie. Thanks for the comment, Brittaney. Always nice to hear from new people. (And you too, Debbie!)

CA said...

What a terrific still from a cute movie w/ snappy dialogue, great characters & touching romance. (I watch it every year in early June, as Maureen's character is grading papers for end of school year - ha).

Thank you so much for all the marvelous photos of Robert Montgomery. Love all your observations & info! ☺