Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fun With Photos, Course 101A For No Credit

It's just me playing with photos, which I enjoy, particularly when they are of Mr. Montgomery.  I used to think the two photos below were by Ted Allan, but I now believe they are by Harvey White who worked briefly for MGM.  IMDB gives him only one movie credit as the still photographer, which was Dinner at Eight (1933) and I ran across a photo credit for the first photo as being by White in 1933.  They are very distinctive photos, unlike others credited to Allan.

Whatever (you think!), the copy I have of the first photo is actually a vintage poster, about 11x15.  I also have a larger 38x25 poster which I looked at once and thought to myself:  "Why did you spend good money on something you may well never look at again?!"  And I haven't.  But, still, it is a Bob. 

This second photo is your basic 8x10.  I love White's use of background for his subject.  Nifty photos. 

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