Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dick Powell: Pretty Boy to Tough Guy

Dick Powell was born on November 14, 1904, in Mountain View, Arkansas.  From musicals to tough-guy roles to director and producer, Mr. Powell had one very successful show business career.

He had such a pleasant tenor voice in his musical days in the 1930s.  And was so very, very cute.  Look at the photo below with Dick sandwiched between Alice Faye and Madeleine Carroll.  The ladies just highlight how cute young Mr. Powell was. 

                  Faye, Powell & Carroll in On the Avenue (1937)

Ten years later, Powell has aged sufficiently to play the big time gambler Johnny O'Clock.  Besides being a good career move, I'm sure the experience of playing tough guys helped him in his transition to producer! 

             Lee J. Cobb and Dick Powell in Johnny O'Clock (1947)

There are a number of similarities between Powell and our Mr. Montgomery.  Both were typecast by their studios and fought for serious roles.  Both played detective Philip Marlowe on the screen, Powell in Murder, My Sweet (1944) and Bob in Lady in the Lake (1947).  Both transitioned into directing and production, and were staunch Republicans.  They were born in 1904, each had two marriages to short, cute wives and, unfortunately, both died of cancer.  Powell was only 58, young enough that you always wonder what more he could have accomplished in his career.  


Carrie said...

I absolutely love Mr. Powell as a singer. A few years ago, I purchased an album of his in MP3 format and dropped it on my player. For some odd reason when were travelling, my husband puts on the album. Here I am walking into the camper or car and I hear Dick singing away somewhat randomly. The hubby knows nothing of Powell, nor listens to him. Oh well, it still works for me :)

Kathy said...

Ahhh...what a great association, good times and the joyous tenor voice of Mr. Powell. I think I'll look for an album of his, play it late at night while I'm putzing on my computer. Yeah, me and Dick just "Pettin' In the Park!"