Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What! You Dare To Laugh At Me? You Will Pay!

The image of the tie Bob wears in The Saxon Charm was seared into my memory cells long before I actually saw the movie.  Which is unfortunate, because when I did finally see the movie, all I could see was the tie!!  Well, perhaps I exaggerate a tad, but I did have to laugh when I first saw the nasty Matt Saxon and his incredible tie on the screen.  I do not think Bob would have appreciated my reaction to his character.  Looks like he just heard my comment in the photo below.  Easy Bob, the suit is great, as always.  And the shoe tassels are over-the-top!

                               Bob in The Saxon Charm (1948)

Attaching a colorized version of the tie, as displayed in one of the film's lobby cards.  Now, just try to wipe the image from your memory. 

And another tie from the movie ...

The costume designer must have loved having the elegant Mr. Montgomery wear those ties. 

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