Friday, August 11, 2017

Six Bob Movies for August ... More, More, More!

There are six Bob movies being shown this month on TCM!  Great.  It's TCM's Summer Under the Stars month and five of Bob's co-stars are featured.  The first movie is They Were Expendable (1945), being shown on John Wayne's day this Saturday.  The other five are not shown nearly as often, so here is your chance to see/record a few of his other movies.

    Rosalind Russell Day, August 17th:  Trouble for Two (1936)

    Ann Harding Day, August 21st:  When Ladies Meet (1933) and
           Biography of a Bachelor Girl (1935) 

    James Cagney Day, August 26th:  The Gallant Hours (1960)
          (Okay, not exactly a co-star, but it's a Bob movie!)

    Marion Davies Day, August 29th:  Blondie of the Follies (1932) 

I just checked the IMDB ratings.  Kinda interesting.

           7.9 - Blondie of the Follies
           7.3 - They Were Expendable
           7.2 - The Gallant Hours
           6.9 - When Ladies Meet
           6.6 - Trouble for Two
           6.1 - Biography of a Bachelor Girl 

I have always had a difficult time objectively rating Mr. Montgomery's movies, but these ratings seem "close" to my viewpoint.  They Were Expendable is simply a great picture, I'd have it at the top of the list, knocking Blondie down to 3rd place.  I can see The Gallant Hours not being for everyone, but still, a good movie.  Trouble for Two should have a slightly higher rating, maybe kick it up to 6.9.  Bob and Roz are just so good together.  Biography... alas, is rated about right.  Between the heavy-handed censoring and Bob being miscast ...  I'm not sure I have even watched it all the way through.

Anyway, you do have the opportunity to see Bob with curly locks and a mustache!  Even Roz thinks it's funny ...

               Bob and Rosalind Russell in Trouble for Two (1936)

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Debbie said...

Oh Roz, my favorite co-star of Bob's. She could more than keep up with him. Actually, she could more than keep up with just about anybody! She stole the film from her big time female co-stars in "The Women" and ran rings around Cary Grant in "His Girl Friday". Just LOVE her!!!