Thursday, August 24, 2017

Meet Me in the Casbah --- Oh Yes, Yes!!

Charles Boyer was one of my early favorite movie stars.  The combination of his voice and accent ... just heavenly.  He was always telling these beautiful women that he loved them and, needless to say, I always imagined I was the lucky lady in his arms. 

    Charles Boyer & Paulette Goddard in Hold Back the Dawn (1941)

However, Mr. Boyer was totally unavailable.  He married his wife Pat in 1934 and, by all accounts and unlike most of his compatriots, remained faithful to her until her death on August 24, 1978.  Two days later, Mr. Boyer committed suicide rather than continue to live without her.  That was August 26th, two days before his birthday of August 28th.  It's all so sad, but being with the love of your life for 44 years, that part of it was a wonderful blessing.  

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