Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bob Models Proper Attire for Bakersfield

Yes, I seem to have a one track mind this week, I mean, besides dwelling on photos of Bob in swimming trunks!  I'm just so, so tired of the heat here in Bakersfield.  It's always hot here in the summer, but we are having a record-setting kind of year.  We had ten straight 100+ days back in June, way too early for such nonsense.  And the heat has been relentless ever since.  An excessive heat warning is out for the entire holiday weekend.  Bummer.  Might be Thanksgiving before I can use my outdoor grill again! 

                                    Bob at home in 1938

It appears, for the moment, that the 100s will continue through September 9th.  We are on track for having the most 100+ days in a year since 1917.  Oh, joy, what a momentous event in which to be a participant. 


Carrie said...

Heh, we lost our summer mid August. Been unusually cool in the 60s, low 70s!

Kathy said...

They've lowered our forecast, drops into the 90s starting Tuesday!!

Carrie, you know you can rub it in all you want ... because payback will come, as always, this winter!!